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Fireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. is the leader in quality for service, repair, and installation for fireplaces and gas grills in Colorado.

To stay warm this winter optimal choice is to add gas logs to your fireplace. This is a good choice and a great time saver if you want to avoid the cleanup and hassle of keeping fresh logs in stock for your gas fireplace on a regular basis. There will be no need for chopping your own wood, or purchasing new logs constantly at your local retailer. The heat that is given from gas logs are comparatively equal to that of normal logs, and can even burn hotter. The home user is able to change heat settings to the perfect temperature they require, adding to the convenience of the gas fireplace logs. They also provide a very clean controlled burn, so there is no need to be constantly using a fireplace poker to keep the fire going. Testimonials have shown time and time again that our methods by which we choose to install gas logs are of the highest standards and ensure continuity.

Anytime you modify your fireplace to accommodate gas logs, manufacturers always require the installation to be completed by professionals. Fireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. have provided exemplary service for many years to a large and growing client base in the state of Colorado. Our expert staff will come to your home to accommodate your needs in a timely fashion, and our excellence in services provided are guaranteed. Our team also takes time to thoroughly educate the customer on how to effectively use our products, and how to do this in a safe manner. Safety is of the highest priority for our company, and our methods of gas log installation insure that your home and welfare is well protected.

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